John Ignatowski - Patent Attorney

Maiorana, P.C. - Registered Patent Attorneys

To the West Coast and Back

I began my professional engineering career by wandering from my home state of Michigan to Southern California. Under the towering peaks of the mountains in the Angeles National Forest, I was involved in research and development for General Dynamics in Ontario, CA. I later transferred to a division of General Dynamics in Sterling Heights back near my old home in Michigan. It is more fun having the snow come to you rather than having to drive to the snow. I worked for General Dynamics before I began my career as a Patent Attorney in Michigan.

My patent law work began at Brooks Kushman PC (named after the founders James Kushman and the late Ernie Brooks) in Southfield, MI. Since their early days in Southfield, Brooks Kushman has expanded to offices in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. After several years working with experienced Patent attorneys, such as Paul Schwartz, Fred Ritchie and Jeffrey Szuma, I moved to the east side of town to work with Christopher Maiorana.

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