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If you are interested in using a top patent law firm that is also affordable - Maiorana, P.C. is the firm for you. We have been providing superb patent legal services to our clients since 1998. Many of our clients are established Silicon Valley technology companies competing in key computer, software and semiconductor market segments. To provide even greater responsiveness to our Silicon Valley clients we added a San Jose office [1] during the spring of 2017. We chose San Jose as the location for our second office because of the large number of prospective clients located in or near San Jose.

According to Crunchbase there are more than 1800 companies in San Jose, including many established technology companies and many exciting new ventures. We can enable the continued success of your business and work with you as you move forward with exciting new ventures. As a Boutique IP law firm specializing in Intellectual Property (IP) issues [2] , our Patent Lawyers can provide a personal touch when addressing your innovation.

The knowledge of our Patent Lawyers in acquiring more than 1,700 issued US patents for our clients helps us fight to protect the rights that our clients deserve for their remarkable innovations. The patent licensing and corporate counsel experience our Patent Attorneys have gained compliments our patent preparation and legal expertise. This combination of skills enables us to work with our clients to look beyond narrow embodiments. By claiming your innovation broadly we can obtain exclusive rights for you to exclude others from practicing inventions that are important to the continuing prosperity of your business.

With our new San Jose office we can quickly schedule in-person meetings between our Patent Lawyers and our clients related to: patent application preparation (both provisional and non-provisional), invention disclosure evaluations, patent prosecution, brainstorming sessions, foreign filing determinations, licensing opportunities and strategies, opinion letters (invalidity and non-infringement), patent litigation support and many other intellectual property issues related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, joint development, mergers and acquisitions due diligence, and contractual matters - including indemnification obligations, licensing rights, and confidentiality obligations. We discuss many of these issues here.

Please explore our website so that you can better appreciate the actions our Patent Lawyers can take to robustly protect your innovations. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can act as your innovation partner and help you create outstanding value for your investors.

There are many Patent Lawyers in San Jose. Choose one that cares. Call us at 408-890-6549.

  • Henry Groth
  • July 2017

[1]  Our office is near the Silicon Valley US Patent and Trademark Office - 26 S. Fourth Street San Jose, CA 95113.
[2]  One advantage with working with a Boutique IP Law Firm is a low stress experience.
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