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Christopher P. Maiorana, P.C. has provided superb and cost effective patent legal services to its clients since 1998. A large majority of our work focuses on software and semiconductor patent applications for Silicon Valley based companies. To provide even greater responsiveness to our Bay Area clients the firm has recently added a San Jose office. According to Crunchbase there are more than one thousand companies in Santa Clara, including Intel, Nvidia, Palo Alto Networks, Applied Materials, Agilent Technologies, Global Foundries, Rovi, Roxio, PMC-Sierra, Marvell Technology, Coherent and many others. We are prepared to represent you with alacrity and diligence as your Santa Clara Patent Attorney. We chose Silicon Valley as the location for our second office because of our confidence that many potential clients located in Silicon Valley can benefit greatly from our services. One of our attorneys, Henry Groth, has lived in Santa Clara since 1985 and graduated cum laude with his J.D. from Santa Clara University in 1994.

Our vast experience in acquiring more than 1,700 issued US patents for our clients demonstrates the tenacity of our attorneys as they fight to protect the rights that our clients deserve for their remarkable innovations. Our patent licensing and corporate counsel experience compliments our patent preparation and prosecution expertise to enable our clients to obtain rights to exclude others from practicing inventions that are important to our clients and the prosperity of their businesses. For your most important matters, we can expand our efforts to increase the probability of your exclusive rights withstanding the many intense challenges of litigation and licensing.

Our new San Jose office ensures that our clients will be able to conduct in-person meetings with our attorneys related to: invention disclosure evaluations, brainstorming sessions, patent application preparation (both provisional and non-provisional) [1], foreign filing determinations, licensing opportunities and strategies, opinion letters (invalidity and non-infringement), patent prosecution, patent litigation support and many other intellectual property issues related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, joint development, mergers and acquisitions due diligence; and contractual matters - including indemnification obligations, licensing rights, and confidentiality obligations.

Please explore our website and then consider whether our firm can provide you with services that will more effectively enable your company to robustly protect its precious intangible assets. Our firm is prepared to represent you to meet the challenges you face and create new opportunities for you success. We look forward to diligently working to understand and effectively respond to your tactical and strategic objectives as they evolve with dynamic shifts and developments of your key technological and financial drivers.

Please call us (CA - 408-890-6549) at your earliest convenience so we can explore the intellectual property protection efforts you consider most important for the continued and increasing success of your company.

  • Henry Groth
  • May 2017

[1]  A provisional patent application, or a provisional filing are sometime shortened to be called a provisional. A non-provisional patent application, or a non-provisional filing are sometime shortened to be called a non-provisional.
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