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Do you have an invention that deserves patent protection? Are you interested in working with a team that has been protecting inventions for more than 20 years? Do you need help with trademark issue? We are ready to help protect your valuable Intellectual Property assets. Call 408-890-6549 to book an appointment to discuss your patent, trademark and copyright issues with one of our Los Gatos Patent Attorneys.

Maiorana, P.C. continues to provide superb patent legal services and unsurpassed value for its clients, as it has since 1998. Many of our clients are key Silicon Valley technology market participants in key computer, software and semiconductor segments. To enhance our responsiveness for our Northern California, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley clients we added an office in San Jose, CA during the month of May of this year.

We rank 187th in productivity of all lawfirms (of any size) in the United States according to Intellectual Property Today magazine. This level of productivity puts us in the top 15% when viewed on a per attorney basis. You can benefit from our vast experience.

According to Crunchbase there are more than 190 companies in Los Gatos including Netflix, Roku, Infogain, Impetus Technologies, Forcepoint, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Box, SuVolta, Amalfi Semiconductor and Insight Global. We look forward to enabling such innovative companies to improve their bottom line through acquisition and use of exclusive patent rights. Please consider how we can best serve your needs.

Maiorana P.C. has acquired more than 1,700 issued US patents for our clients, discussed here. Our attorneys have the skill and discipline to fight to obtain rights for your key innovations and guide you to use those rights for the competitive advantage you deserve. Our patent prosecution and patent licensing experience together with our corporate counsel expertise enables us to acquire rights that can withstand licensing and litigation challenges that typically arise when attempting to prevent others from practicing inventions without your authorization. As such rights withstand pre-litigation challenges as well as litigation challenges they become key tools to protect our clients’ key market and technology objectives.

Since 2012, the Inter Partes Review (IPR) procedure [2] has enabled potential infringers to challenge the validity of patent claims before the USPTO as either not novel or obvious. An article recently published by IPWatchdog titled Patent owners do not like IPRs despite what Bloomberg Law, AIPLA study says makes the case that IPRs very often place small entity inventors at a great disadvantage when those small entities attempt to enforce their patents because one or more large entities that are concerned that they may infringe such patents can often institute multiple IPR proceedings against claims of concern. For innovations that you anticipate may be infringed by such large entities, we can work with you to focus efforts during patent application preparation on claiming multiple embodiments of moderate breadth that have a better chance of withstanding IPR and litigation challenges.

Maiorana P.C. provides exceptional value by aligning with our efforts with our clients’ dynamic need to address ever-changing competitive landscapes. We will now be able to readily conduct in-person meetings in our Northern California office with our clients to discuss: IPR procedures, patent application preparation (both provisional and non-provisional [1] ), patent prosecution, licensing opportunities and strategies, patent opinion letters (invalidity and non-infringement), contractual matters - including licensing rights, indemnification obligations, and confidentiality obligations, invention disclosure evaluations, patent litigation support, freedom to operate prior art searches, brainstorming sessions, and many other intellectual property issues related to patents, trademarks, mergers and acquisitions due diligence, trade secrets, and copyrights.

Please explore our website so that you can take full advantage our firm’s skills and experience. Then, consider whether you are interested in obtaining affordable services that will enable your company to robustly protect your innovations. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can act as your innovation partner and help you determine the intellectual property protection efforts most effective for creating value for your investors.

Please call us (CA - 408-890-6549) or email us ( at your earliest convenience so we can explore the intellectual property protection efforts you consider most important for the continued and increasing success of your company.
  • Henry Groth
  • June 2017

[1]  A provisional patent application (or a provisional filing) is sometimes shortened to be called a "provisional". A non-provisional patent application (or a non-provisional filing) is sometimes shortened to be called a "non-provisional".
[2]  An Inter Partes Review (IPR) is a procedure for challenging the validity of a United States patent before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The procedure is conducted by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).
[3] Audio of this Article.
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